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   Welcome. Actually I made a one big screencast to demo what redefiner can do. However, after I made it I realized that it is too lengthy, and hence, splitted it into many Parts. Directly Jump to one of the sections below based on your level of experience with Java and HotSwap.  The last demo(4) in the most important one that shows the project in Action.

   - Adjust your resolution depending on if the screen cast is too big or too small.


1. Creating classes Required for demonstration

    In this demo, We create two classes TestMain and TestSwap. Add a method called display() to TestSwap class, and Call display() from an infinite loop in the PSVM of TestMain. Then, we make a bat file to run the classes. 



2. Basic HotSwap in Current JVM

    In this demo,  we edit the bat file created in demo 1 to add startup parameters to start the JVM in debugger Mode. Then we make Simple modification to the TestSwap class and try HotSwapping it.



3. Limitations of the Current Implementation of the JVM

    In this demo, we try to make some structure changes to the TestSwap class, like adding methods and fields and show that the class now becomes- un-hotswapabble!



4.  Using Redefiner For HotSwapping classes with Structure Changes

 In this demo, we again try to make some strucutre changes to the TestSwap class and show how it can be redefined using the Redefiner tool. We also see, what additional parameters we need to pass whil starting the JVM(and there explanation) and how the redefined classes will be debugable from your existing IDE.

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