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This page is not complete Yet.. However Here are the things to be supported in the near future


If you want to contribute to any of these, pls contact me at


1. Support For Reflection

   Newly added methods cannot be accessed using reflection as of now. I've some rough Idea  of how to implement this, and currently working on this.


2. Support for java 5 syntax

   The current Proof-of-concept version of "Redefiner" was developed only for java 1.4. Though most of it should work directly for java 5, probably some modification is required to support things like Generics and Enums.


3. IDE- plugin

     Currently every time you need to hotswap, you have to detach the debugger from the IDE and hotswap using the "Redefiner UI tool". This can be avaoided if plugins can be built for specific IDEs


4. Ulimited class modification

      The current implementation of Redefiner allowed addtion and removal of methods and fields. However a class can evolve in terms of it's heriarchy also, by extending or implementation new classes or interfaces. Iam not interested in implementing this before perfectionizing the addition and removal of fields and methods

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