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What is Redefiner?

   The goal of Redefiner Project is to provide a true E&C(Edit and Continue) style development for java developers, by allowing to hotswap classes having structure changes.  Redefiner does not require you to develop an application in a specific way. 

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Basic FAQ - Explains what this tool is and why is it required

Detailed FAQ - Answers actual questions. Also submit your questions here...

Debugging Redefined Classes
Yes! The classes that gets Redefined using Redefiner will be debuggable. This is one of the intial design goals of the project.
There's a lot to be contributed in this product. This tool is registered under Apache Lincence, which means you can see or modify the code. Currently this product requries contribution in terms of Ideas, testing and better integration. Before contributing make sure you read the architecture and design of the product. I will try to make a documentation of the architecture of the project and upload it here as soon as possible.

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